Monday, January 14, 2008

Shopping malls in KL

This one.....
Honestly, I dont know where to start from.

It seems every street here has a mall.
From Bukit Bintang to Putra to KLCC to Mid Valley to Jalan Ismail to Berjaya times square to bla bla bla
And some of them are huge!
Every woman's dream come true.
Trust me, you will spend everyday of one week in malls in this town and you wouldnt even have gone halfway.

Was at Mid-Valley mall, and after 1hr, I was tired and wanted to go home.
It took me another 30mins trying to find the exit I came in from.
My feet were aching and I had to sit down for a few minutes just to catch my breath!

English, la?
They have a problem with that here too.
Granted, I hear its worse in countries like France, Germany, Japan, China etc but it does get frustrating sometimes. Especially when you are lost and need to ask for directions and all you get is a mumble or gibberish and the only word that stands out is ''la''.
Thats kinda like our 'sheh' (shebi), 'abi' etc in Naija.

Anyways, ladies!
Come to Kuala Lumpur - the shoppers paradise. (I'm paid for the advertorial)
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