Monday, January 07, 2008

Illegal immigrant?@!

Ok, thats a laugh :)
Me? Illegal immigrant?

Well, I am almost there. After this weekend at the very least. In Malaysia! WTF!
A few days to go and some immigration police would be knocking down my door.

Came in to work with a visitor's permit.
Turns out Malaysia gives a maximum of 2 weeks stay to any Nigerian on a tourist/visitors visa.
My work permit is work in progress, but...... wont be ready for another 2/3 weeks.
And I have 6 more days to go before visa expires.

Went to the Imigressen dept in Putrajaya and stood in line for like 4hrs just to get a visa extension.
Eventually get told (in Malaysian English) to tell my company people to come over themselves.
My company then tells me, ''We have immigration specialists here. We'll handle it for you. But we'll submit it on Friday''
Friday! I exclaim. My visa expires on Sunday!
''Don't worry'', I am told.

Now, I'm worried.

So now, I am waiting.
Will let you know then....
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