Friday, March 26, 2010


funny but serious
Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A lot has happened
My J had a boy in January
He's exactly 8 weeks today
So, technically, I'm a father
But the problem is...
The boy does not like me
I pick him up and that's when he remembers to cry
And not just cry cry
With quivering lips for effect
I have a nickname for him
Drama King
DK for short
His mum he absolutely adores
The attention they give themselves does not bother me

Until one Saturday morning
He shares the bed with us and sleeps in the middle
I woke up early, gazing lo(v)(ng)ingly at her breasts while she slept
And DK was doing exactly the same thing
Except that he was drooling

God knows I can't compete with that

I have an agreement with J
Her breasts are on loan to him for 6 months
6 months only
After that it returns to the owner
Now I honestly wish we had this agreement documented and signed.

I thought marriage was the GREAT RESET
I thought wrong
It's a mini one
Fatherhood is the GREAT one
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