Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New job, new town, new life

New everything.
My life is new. At least, to some extent.

I have met someone I want to spend the rest of my life with
At last.
Details later

ranting (i)

Relocated a little while ago to Port Harcourt from Lagos.
Got here and the mess is even more noticeable because it is a smaller town with so much money.
Roads are tiny, not seen power in my new apartment in days, (can you believe its actually worse than Lagos?) militants here, there and everywhere (not seen any, though)

Couldn't care less at first. As far as I was concerned, who the heck was the governor of the state anyways? Who cares?
Until I saw my pay slip and the huge chunk that statetax took off!
A whopping 22%!
Some a**hole has a lot of explaining to do as to what is happening to my money!
Good grief!@?!
Who is the freaking governor and where does he live?

blogs, blogs, blogs

strange that I look forward to reading other peoples' blogs but do not bother updating mine
what are you waiting for?
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