Monday, February 05, 2007

Naija 4 life

I love my country, I no go lie
Na inside am, I go live and die
I love my country, I no go lie
Na me and 'im go yab till I die'

Not quite sure why this came to mind now (some old folk song from way back), because I'm not sure I really feel that way now!
Believe me, I love Naija, but there are sometimes I feel like tearing my hair out at the potentials we have and how we are just crawling.....

I just made an 'investment' (I choose/decieve myself to call it that, no blame me. Forget Rich Dad, Poor Dad - the guy no be Naija guy) on a state of the art home entertainment system. I bought an Samsung LCD tv (my parents should not hear this) to replace my 25 inch Samsung CRT. Wired my LG 5.1 surround sound system. Setup my new Playstation 3, my slightly older Xbox 360, and real older Playstation 2 to the tv and amplifier. Purchased 2 PS3 games and even went as far as buying a HDMI and optical cable for the connections.
Non of these are made in Nigeria.

Took me a whole Saturday morning to get the connections right.
All this happened about 2 weeks ago.
Guess what?
I havent played the games or rocked the 1080i functionality of the TV as I write this.

NEPA!!! (Never Expect Power Always)
Or is it PHCN now? (Pls Hold Candle Now!)

There has been no power supply to power these equipment.
Jeez! Seems we have run out of water in the dam (again) and there is no gas to supply the power plants!
Light comes on by 7am - on my way to work, and goes by 6pm - on my way back from work.
The rest of the night, I'm on my own. Except of course I have the now basic household appliance of a power generator.
I don't.

the objective of this rant is that all the stuff mentioned above is for sale.
And for very cheap too.

Any takers?

P.S. Naija is what Nigerian's fondly call our country
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