Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It's ridiculous...

when you go to church and they pray for people who are dying and need healing, people who are bereaved and need comfort, people who are broke and need a helping hand, people who are depressed and need motivating. Then they add ladies who are single and need husbands.

Is this a recent thing or has it been in churches since we were kids?
I can't remember hearing that when I was younger.
Or maybe single ladies really should be on that list?

Yes, the scan below is of my soon to come girl. All 21 weeks of it. (yes I called it it. Shoot me)
J believes it's a boy, I know it's a girl. (Why? Because I did the umm 'chooking', so I know)
We will know when the babe comes forth. Not sooner. (The argument about knowing the sex before-hand simpy to buy the proper colours - blue or pink will not be extended here)

And I'm on an extended summer break from blogging too.

I have a psychiatrist friend here in Lagos - Otefe who blogs about his experiences as a 'Dr. Kolo' in one of the most 'kolo' cities I know.
So, hop on over and show the Dr. some normal people love here.
Normal oh. He's had his fill of 'kolomentalists'
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