Thursday, October 20, 2005


what is the purpose of life?
Some ask this question.
Most common answer - God has a purpose for your life. Do it.
What is God's plan for your life.
Just a thought.
Sunday, October 16, 2005

Here again

3 months after my last post and I'm back.
This is probably the height of inconsistencies....

Pls. completely disregard the long story of my last blog. Sounded like crap.

Will be hitting the landmark 30 in a few months time, so I'm in a race to do some stuff I have not done before.
My motto/question now is: when last did I do something for the first time?

Got a powerbike a short while ago and I have been receiving flak as to WHY??? I love it!
Applied for an MBA also. I hope I get admitted. Conditions seem kinda stiff. What with aptitude tests and interviews? All in a bid to stress my brain? Am I mixing something up here?

Will talk l8r
Thursday, July 28, 2005


Suddenly realised that all my posts have been shallow. They were just how I felt at those specific times. I'm sort of confused as to whether this should be a diary or a journal. I'll see if I can do both.

One great thing they did for their kids was to give us a good education. My mum was a teacher in primary school and this gave her some time to devote to us while growing up. We (5 of us) have all passed through university. I been working for about 5 years now.
OK. Now I'm done with that, we can go on to contemporary issues...
I came across a travelog by Jack Delany on Nigeria that was interesting

Will talk more later

PS. A lot of the information on this post was edited for common sense purposes.
Wednesday, May 18, 2005

times and seasons...

The world is changing....
at times I wonder if I'm doing a good job of trying to keep up.
Do I have to?
Or do I live my own life, having fun.......

29 years old now, definitely feels like 30. No difference.
Still staying with my folks...
Not for lack of options,
But for the emotional link. - or so I kid myself.

Lady options...?
Ah yes, a couple.
But, I guess I'm not ready to settle yet

I always tell people, enjoy life! Take risks!
You only got one to live.
But, do I?

I need to be happy.
At home and at work.

Life is good.
Monday, February 14, 2005

Phone Quest

Once again, I need to change my phone. Now I need one with PDA functionality. Had to do away with my Palm T3. Could'nt manage carrying 2 devices everywhere I had to go. My pant pockets were beginning to wear out.
Going to have to browse for one online. Thought of buying the SE P910 but heard there are better ones. Besides, the number of people that use this are growing rapidly by the day.
Currently use a Nokia 6260. Getting tired of its functionalities.

Did it!

This is coming kinda late but I don't have a girlfriend anymore. We broke up on the 4th of January. Didn't expect I would feel the pain I felt then.
Full details?
Took her out for a movie on Friday evening after work.
Went out to a restaurant after that and started the chat....
You know the rest.

Its Valentine day today and don't feel nothing.
Going to exceed at work today as always.
Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Upside: Got a cool flat screen TV and a home theater. Set it up with my brother helping. Sounded awesome.
Planning to get my own apartment soon, so I'm already getting my furniture/home appliances ready.
Serious Downside: About to break up with my girlfriend of 15 months and not sure of how to do this and remain friends... She is someone special (very) but we started going out before we became friends and that has posed a major stumbling block to our relationship.
The things men do...

I need help!

to cnn or not

I wonder what people listen to nowadays for international news.... Al Jazeera?
Not that I've ever watched it. Would'nt be bad for a change though.
Getting frustrated watching CNN.
Last year it was all about Iraq. Jeez! A cow gets sprayed by bullets and its gets prime time on CNN.
Could almost breath a sigh of relief when the Tsunami struck. (My heart is out there with them) Simply becos Iraq suddenly became no news.
Seems they are getting tired of flogging the tsunami issue though. Gradually returning to Iraq. Sigh. Power of the western press.

I'm tired of wondering why all the news about Africa is bad news.....

I deviate again.

My boss has just chewed me for failing to turn in the post implementation brief as scheduled. I feel I should break his neck, but then again, I will be in his position shortly and will have learned how not to chew on someone else.

6.30pm. OK. Traffic may have eased up a bit now. Let's try to go home. Hope I make it home under an hour,


day. thats the way today has been. Who says working to make a living is fun.
Just resumed from my leave a few days ago (beginning of the year) and I am having
a miserable time getting back into the flow.

I guess Lagos is just like any crazy capital (ex) city in the world. I do not see my home in daylight.
Leave home 5.55am, get back 9.30pm

As this is my first blog, its kinda tentative....
A little prod here, another, there.
I'll get the hang of it sooner or later.

SLAM! gotta go hang out this nite.

PS. Heard that the world is full of shit.
I think not. It is only 3/4 full.
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