Sunday, March 30, 2008

KL International Marathon et al

Jumping Jehoshaphat!
(Honestly, I don't know where that came from)

I just finished the marathon, and I live to tell the tale as the evidence on the left shows.

21.9km completed in 3hrs 3 minutes.
For me, that was a major accomplishment.
For others, well, lets just say ''That's their own business''.
Not sure what my position is/was. I really don't care. I finished it in qualifying time of under 3hrs 30mins. And for me, that means I'm a star :P

Back to reality.
My legs are aching me.
Infact, aching is probably an understatement. They are killing me.
Right now, they are just moving in isolation of my body. No co-ordination whatsoever.
I say 'move' and by default, they move.
What have I done to ameli...., ameliroa......, (WHATEVER!) the issue?
I have picked up the yellow pages and phone to ask for a home masseuse.
Hmm, I wonder how that will go.
So, right now, I am patiently waiting for the person to come.
Relief is in sight.
It had better not be a man!!
And to think that I have work tomorrow?!
I may have to ask for the day off.

Em, not sure if I mentioned it before, but my stay in KL has been extended for another month.
Let's leave it at that.
Don't bother trying to understand the implications for me romantically.

Aah, ring goes the bell.
I think its the masseuse or 'massager'.

Gotta run.
Friday, March 28, 2008

2 Videos

that caught my attention today....


I don't even know what the chorus means, but Rooftop MC's R.O.C.K


Let's see how long fitna will last before it's taken offline.
Don't even know if its factual.
I'll reserve my comments on this for now.
Wednesday, March 26, 2008

She knows....

It's a little past 8am.
I just woke up to a phone call from my angel...
I'm late for work and my bones are aching.
This is due to my 12km jog last night.
Na wah for this marathon.

Bottom line of our conversation is that I now have my best friend and girlfriend on my blog.
She found me.
She knows my pseudonym.
Put that together with blog on google and you get a direct link here.
I was not upset. After all, I casually mentioned it to her before I realised my mistake a few weeks ago. Didn't seem like she remembered.
I just feel like, well, a child that has been caught out.
So, I have had to take down the some of my most commented on posts.
(Y'all know what I'm talking about!)
They will come back up, eventually. I hope.

Now she knows.
She says she won't come back here, but I want her to. Just not like this.
The phone call didn't finish well.
Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One more week. Barely....

One more week in KL.
And I'm back to Naija. YES!
I really miss the country 'gaan'

Coming here, I was offered a cash option or the company taking care of all my expenses.
'Nna bros' that I am did not even think 'abourit'.
Cash option pls.
Two return trips to Naija, all expenses paid?
'Fogerit'. Cash option pls.
I'm staying in a condo here that is costing me an arm every month and I can see my cash option flying through the window. I wonder what type of accommodation that will get me in Lagos....

Damn! I keep on forgetting. I don't stay in Lagos anymore.

Port Harcourt is my new home.


The half marathon comes up next Sunday. 21kms.
A few days ago, I was thinking of backing off. I'm not prepared enough.

Until I met a dutch guy who is running also. No experience whatsoever. Just like me. We have decided to just have fun that day and generally enjoy the atmosphere.

And I'm about to go on to some interesting gist....... but something just came up!
Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still on proposal

I still haven't decided on how to propose to my girl.
I'm still thinking, thinking and thinking.
I have some of her ring specs. now, a friend of hers got it for me. Size: O and 7. Whatever that is.
Colour: Silver. Still waiting to get the design she loves from my source.

I sent a mail to a friend who got married in November last year and asked him how much the wedding cost them.
He replied ''almost N3m''.
Rough conversion to dollars is $25,000.
At this point, I'm trying really hard to not scream an expletive.
I am definitely not ready to get married.

To top this, someone sent me this link:
(If your internet link is not fast, you can select to open the page using a lower bandwidth. Oh, and enable sound on your pc. The song is one of my favorite)

All this for a proposal.
Was this an overdo or what?

Allow me to scream in my dialect......
My girl must not see this.

All my plans (or lack of) are now in disarray.

Wahala @ work

I know, I know.....
I have not dropped a post in 2 whole WEEKS!

There has been a MAJOR crisis at work that has left me practically living in the office.
Just got home now after spending 36hrs straight in the office.

Just let me recover, and I'll be back crawling over all your blogs.

P.S. I missed y'all.
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