Monday, January 28, 2008

sex, hormones & remembering

What is it called in menfolk?

I remember hating girls while I was a kid and would not be caught dead sitting beside a girl.

I remember my dad picking me up from primary school and asking if a girl I was with was a friend. NO WAY! I retorted. Denying my class mate for no sensible reason.

I remember being a kid and wondering what the heck men were doing looking at a woman's behind as she walked by when there are more interesting things to look at on her chest.

I remember being a teenager and just beginning to notice that girls are ALL (tall, short, ugly, whatever) attractive, primarily because of the assets they develop as they grow up.

I also remember being a teenage christian and asking God to remove this strange addiction I was developing of looking at women as they walked past. It was a SIN, I wanted to make heaven.

I remember me mum taking me to a church and the pastor laying hands on me and praying the hell outta my soul. ''Young man'', he says. ''Women will be your problem. You have to be very careful'' (emphasis, my own)

I remember getting into university and wondering what the heck I was doing wasting my life when my friends were getting laid in secondary school. I was on a roll.

I remember thinking to myself one day, ''what vice do I have?'' I didn't drink, smoke or womanise. I made up my mind to start on all three.

I remember the many times I prayed to God for forgiveness and still went back the very next month, or was it week? or day??!

I remember meeting my girlfriend, (soon to be fiance this April) and knowing immediately that my wandering days were over, thanking God for bringing me the loveliest girl I had ever met.

Why do I remember these things?
Probably because Christians are not supposed to live such lives?
Or I'm just going through a reminiscing bout?
I really don't know.

I just remember.
P.S. I sent a txt to my woman: ''Hello Sweetie, I remember you'' In a very fond & loving way. She replies ''Ehen, its just remember you remember me abi?'' I was like: ''You won't understand baby. I'm just in the remembering mood''
What did I say wrong?
I love this girl!
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