Friday, January 04, 2008

7 hours!

7 frigging hours ahead of Naija!
How am I going to cope?

My first 3 nights here and my eye just dey do shine shine bobo.
Heck, I was wide awake. Sleep no wan gree come.
Even had dinner by 3am on the second night!

My body has refused to adjust to the time lag or time fast forward. As the case may be.
Hopefully it will soon.

Had my first proper Malay meal today - Nasi Lemak. Actually, I think its Chinese.
Rice + cassava chips + chilli sauce + plenty tiny dried fish + chicken + roasted groundnuts + cucumbers.
All in one plate. Or should I say, paper :)

What I've been eating all this while? A combination of Mcdonalds (yes, they have 'em here) & KFC's. Against my doctor's orders.

I went for a medical checkup a coupla weeks ago and the dotor says:
''Young man, do you excercise?''
Me: ''No way Sir. I'm a virile young man, my production level is high, no fat except the slight belly''
Doki: ''Well, you have a high cholesterol level''
Me: ''Doki, no vex oh, but what the heck is cholesterol and how that one take affect my life?''

And the man goes on to explain that it could lead to heart attacks and strokes.
That sat me up, quickly.

So, I'm off red meat, anything fried, chicken skin, egg yolk, bla, bla, blah.
I'm in deep shit.
How I'll survive on fish alone, (not even fried!) only God knows.
Sushi somebody? Anybody?

Moral of the story?

Get yourself a total check up once a year.
You never know.
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