Sunday, January 20, 2008

Apple & iphone

Talk about me being impatient and not doing proper investigations first!

Sometime in december '07, I ordered for an iphone from the US.
Yeah, I know its sim locked and all that but I figured it could be cracked.

Anyways, it arrived and I was excited of course.
Went online to look for the best way to crack it.
After hours of browsing, I found out that the curren version of the iphone - v.1.1.2 has not been cracked?@!

Pissed off, but what the heck, make the best of it.

Eventually succeeded in unlocking it to use the ipod functionalities, so, I can listen to music, use the camera, calendar, etc.
BUT no phone functions.
Hopefully soon, some whiz kid will post the unlock code online.
I'm really praying for this otherwise $400 would have gone down the drain.

Anybody want an iphone, almost new?
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