Monday, January 14, 2008

1st world, 3rd world crap

I wonder who invented or started this 1st/3rd world crap.

Whatever happened to 2nd world?

What is the basis/criteria for being labeled a 3rd world country?
100 storey skyscrapers?
Constant power supply?
Efficient public transportation?
Hygienic public toilets?
Lack of potholes?
Number of billionaires in the country? Number of broke assed people?
Length of traffic jams?
Education levels?
Freedom of speech?
Number of plane crashes?
Number of people connected to the internet?
Infant mortality rate?
Gross Domestic Income?
Level of debt?
Oil producing, non-oil producing?
One tribe/culture/language?
Crime rate?

Or, are 1st world countries simply snubs?
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