Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Starcomms please....

When I moved to Lagos from Port Harcourt, I had to source for a new internet service provider (ISP) as Hyperia's poor service was non existent in Lagos.

I settled for Starcomm's izap broadband usb modem.
Truthfully, this served me and my wife pretty well.
Until one day.
We were cut off.
Thinking it was a glitch or something, I called customer service and was informed that my time had expired and I had to pay for another month. I knew this was not true as I still had about a week's access left but proceeded to pay N15,950 for another month's access.

Still no joy.

I call again and was told that I was disconnected and had to go to their head office to resolve the issue.
Here I was happily informed that my line was used for SPAM/SCAM hence the disconnection.
Now I was confused.

"Can I get a report as to what that means and how do I resolve this?" I asked.
I was told to submit a passport photograph, fill an indemnity form, fill another data subscription form, submit a copy of a valid ID card and finally a utility bill.
I was to submit all at the head office.
I do that and I am told they cannot reconnect me.
(By now I begin to get the sneaky feeling that my disconnection is due to my 'torrenting')

So, they send me this report. A letter they had received from agents from Lionsgate Films Ltd.

Madea Goes To Jail?!
Ok, ok. I admit.
I am guilty.
I haven't been to the cinemas in a while because I can download these movies off the web.
And now I've been nabbed.
In faraway Nigeria.
The arms of Hollywood is definitely loooong
So, Starcomms, I have signed the indemnity form.
I will not torrent anymore.
Just reconnect me.
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