Wednesday, April 01, 2009

World's Worst Stock Market?

It's official.
The losses in the Nigerian Stock Exchange are the W.O.R.S.T. at least, out of 89 markets.

It's amazing.
Other countries have rioted, implemented drastic measures, implemented bail outs, etc.
But we?
We just trudge on.
No one says anything.
Our president is a mute.
I'm not even sure we have a finance minister.
Have you heard of him/her?
And now, we are the absolute worst?
No wonder we were once rated "Happiest Country" in the world!
Kill us and we'd laugh at you.
Ha! I laugh in the face of death!

Nigeria’s stock market, Africa’s best performer during the past decade, posted the biggest declines worldwide in the first quarter as bad loans to speculators pushed bank valuations to an all-time low.
The Nigerian Stock Exchange All Share Index fell 37 percent this year, the steepest quarterly decline in more than a decade and the worst of 89 benchmark indexes tracked by Bloomberg.

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As for my personal stock portfolio?
Rest In Peace.

I bequeath them to my great grand kids.


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