Wednesday, January 07, 2009

60 days

of marriage, that is.

The last two months have been ultra busy for me for two main reasons.
I got married.
I've been transferred to Lagos from Port Harcourt.

In between these two, I don't have a car anymore(I sold it, like I said I would here); I moved all my stuff from my PH apartment to a BQ (boy's quarters - I wonder why it's so called) at my parents place in Lagos where I'm currently squatting with my wife (did I just say wife? and squat?); We are house hunting and I am mobility impaired.

I had no clue that I would be going through all this within this period and frankly, it has been very trying on my relationship with J. I'd be honest, she is the very best I could hope for. Period.
So, I have said nothing about my wedding and honestly do not intend to say much.
It went well with only minor hiccups compared to what I hear about weddings.
Didn't tell her about the honeymoon plans until 3 hrs to the flight which made her really excited.
Dubai was great just like some of you recommended.
Did almost everything. Wild Wadi, Indoor skiing, mini shopping for the wife, swimming in the lovely beaches in the blistering sun, safari (not for weak stomached) etc.
We ended up with barely $5 left in our pockets on our way back to Lagos!
That was November.

December, just before Christmas, I moved back to Lagos with all my PH bachelor pad belongings.
Which was better for J (she works in Lagos), especially as I left her in the BQ all alone in the loving embrace of my parents :P
Ok, I admit a lot of wives would refuse to do that. But she's not them. She's J.
So, we are looking for a decent 2/3 bedroom apartment on the Lagos mainland, with proximity to the island. Anyone know any available ones or contacts?

I'm a husband now.
I wear my wedding band on my right hand.

Wait a minute! 'Shwepps!' I forgot the ring at home!

Truthfully though, there are some things that I miss now that I never thought of.
a) I can't hang out with the boy's on weekends and do nothing but chase or at least ogle at beautiful women. Ok. I can still ogle, but I do that with her. Its more fun. Only one look though.
b) I can't just wake up one day and disappear or take a trip, solo. To wherever. As I please.
c) Being on my own.
d) An emotionless relationship with myself & buddies hours on end with my PS3

To further tell the truth, my life is a whole lot better.
a) I'm a lot neater (not like I was not before)
b) I have my bath every night (sigh)
c) I have great meals!
d) I have someone I can tell almost anything. A best friend.
e) I do things for people that I would never have done before
f) She has gradually taken over buying clothes for me and dresses me with style. Yep.

Notice that this list is longer than the previous.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Just 60 days.
I'll let you know if anything has changed in a year's time.
I expect it to. A sexier wife as evide

I'll put up a link to some pictures for about an hour next Monday morning.

Happy New Year everyone!

P.S. Jarrai, Naijalines and Mizchif, can you send me invites to your blogs? If there are others that have gone VIP too, just generally invite me abeg. Or do I have to beg? My email address is on my complete profile page.


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