Monday, January 12, 2009

Are people born evil?

Yes, No; Yes, No;....yes, no;...... hmm..... NO!

Thats how difficult it is to answer this question.
People will answer yes or no, based on the way their lives have been shaped/influenced by their social interactions.
Is it possible to answer this question objectively?
I think it is rather difficult.
Kinda like - Is there a God?

This is my take.
People are born blank.
Just a clean white/black board.
We become what we eat, where we live, who we interact with in a very complex way such that it is impossible to have 2 people eating the same thing, living in the same place and interacting with the same people being exactly the same.
Though we are born blank, we are born with different gifts and weaknesses that also interact with the above.
So, combine my love for my ego with my weakness for not caring for others; and my childhood of savage beating from my dad with my love for fighting (war) games; and my good leadership skills with my religious zeal; and a history teacher I admire that taught German Nationalism almost fanatically, and you get a Hitler.

There is no logic to this. No science. It just happens.
Are there 'good' genes and 'evil' genes?
Not sure.
But, I can conclude that people become good or evil. Not born.

My thoughts.
What are yours?

As promised earlier:

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