Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Now that I'm done

with that rant, I can proceed.

My laptop is officially dead as reported earlier, that explains my stunted posts.
After doing a lot of cnet and pcmag research, I have finally ordered for a Lenovo Thinkpad T61.
If this one messes up, I'm done with laptops.

I just discovered that Port Harcourt is not as dead as I thought.
After 2 Fridays on the road up on till 4am, I can say that the town has gotten it's groove back.
Not on the Lagos scale though.
Since the town is a small one, everyone generally goes to the same bars and clubs in one night. So you get to see the same faces regularly. I wonder how many of them are kidnappers/militants?

There are more ladies than guys at all the joints!
I hear that since the 'white' dollar spending oil chaps have all disappeared from the town, they have to condensend to dealing with local Naira spending chaps like us. Poor things.
I have gotten pick ups from two sexy looking ladies and one rather shabby looking one.
After one of them grabbed me on the crotch and told me she wanted to f*** me, while practically rubbing her boobs in my face, I had to take off!
AFRAID catch me bad bad.
I saw J's face in my head and whatever thought I had perished.
Night crawling is not for me.
I wonder what I was doing there.

This Friday, I'm going for an all night prayer meeting.
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