Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I live in Nigeria.
I was born in Nigeria
I speak fluent English with a trace of an Igbo accent to prove my origin
I attended a private nursery school, a government primary school, a government secondary school and a government university.

I have worked in 3 companies in Nigeria within the past 7 years
Two of them multi-nationals
I got the three jobs after applying for newspaper advertisements
No connections involved

I earn a fair salary
I also invest locally with higher returns than almost anywhere in the world

I have been to 9 countries for different purposes, most of them work related
I have a few international qualifications and certificates and I compare favourably and sometimes even better than fellow professionals around the world.

I voted in the past 3 federal elections for anyone I liked based on my inclinations
Whether they won or not is another thing entirely

I may not be the typical Nigerian. One day soon.
But, am I ALONE?

I am a proud Nigerian.
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