Friday, June 06, 2008

The Other Man

The Other Man exists
I have seen him
Infact, I have been him on more than a couple of occasions.

Was I upset?

Not really

You see, I was content being the other man
Scratch that, I was happy
Not like I didn't care
I just didn't care enough
I got what I wanted, no strings attached
No commitment, no nothing
Just sex
Isn't that the ultimate?

And now?
I swear, if I see this Other Man anywhere near me & my girl, I'd kill him
Because I recognise him

A testosterone junkie
Or as SolomonSydelle just called us, wolves.

Why do we do this?
Why do we allow our sex drive to control us and destroy lives?
Is it true that blood leaves our brain and flows to our penile section, so we lose the ability to think with our brains and instead think with our *ahem*
Why do some women want to kill us?
Are we really cold hearted?

The truth is that non of us are ever really sure of what we want until late.
We don't grow up
Some never even grow up
By that time, we have left a chain of broken hearts.

So, when you see any of us behaving like dogs....
Don't hate us
Pity us

Someone else can finish this.
Infact, I throw the gauntlet to Jinta aah

I owe y'all pictures of the Lagos I saw upon my return.
I'll put them up in my next post.

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