Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still on proposal

I still haven't decided on how to propose to my girl.
I'm still thinking, thinking and thinking.
I have some of her ring specs. now, a friend of hers got it for me. Size: O and 7. Whatever that is.
Colour: Silver. Still waiting to get the design she loves from my source.

I sent a mail to a friend who got married in November last year and asked him how much the wedding cost them.
He replied ''almost N3m''.
Rough conversion to dollars is $25,000.
At this point, I'm trying really hard to not scream an expletive.
I am definitely not ready to get married.

To top this, someone sent me this link:
(If your internet link is not fast, you can select to open the page using a lower bandwidth. Oh, and enable sound on your pc. The song is one of my favorite)

All this for a proposal.
Was this an overdo or what?

Allow me to scream in my dialect......
My girl must not see this.

All my plans (or lack of) are now in disarray.
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