Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One more week. Barely....

One more week in KL.
And I'm back to Naija. YES!
I really miss the country 'gaan'

Coming here, I was offered a cash option or the company taking care of all my expenses.
'Nna bros' that I am did not even think 'abourit'.
Cash option pls.
Two return trips to Naija, all expenses paid?
'Fogerit'. Cash option pls.
I'm staying in a condo here that is costing me an arm every month and I can see my cash option flying through the window. I wonder what type of accommodation that will get me in Lagos....

Damn! I keep on forgetting. I don't stay in Lagos anymore.

Port Harcourt is my new home.


The half marathon comes up next Sunday. 21kms.
A few days ago, I was thinking of backing off. I'm not prepared enough.

Until I met a dutch guy who is running also. No experience whatsoever. Just like me. We have decided to just have fun that day and generally enjoy the atmosphere.

And I'm about to go on to some interesting gist....... but something just came up!
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