Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year, again

another year strolls in.
just like that.
Its the big year for me.
The big three-oh year.
The time of kidding meself of my youth is drawing to a close.
My bones feel a bit cranky and brittle already.

Thank God, though.
Its because if him I'm still here.
YES, I am a believer. A Christian. A follower of Christ.

Been off work for a week now. Great.

We've had incidents in the country this past year that has made me do some thinking about life and my purpose.
If I die today, what would I leave behind? How many lives would I have influenced? Would my footprints remain on the sands of time? Like Achilles, would my name be remembered?

Answer is NO. Not yet. Not until my purpose is fulfilled.
So, what is my purpose?

That's my business.

Back to the new year.
What are me plans?
Priority 1: Get a lovely apartment by quarter 1
Priority 2: Get admitted for an MBA degree in one of Europe's top universities by mid year - online or fulltime
Priority 3: Find a beautiful lady to share my life with. Timing is flexible
Priority 4: Become God's leading man. NOW

These are not my resolutions. They are my plans.
Not too sure of them.
I might do a blog of that later.
I could do with a lot of improvements now.
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