Monday, January 30, 2006

culture differences...

Its amazing to notice how the environment influences the way people live their lives.
Currently on vacation in the US. Believe me, it is a whole different environment.
Thought of myself as a liberal person but I'm not too sure anymore.
All the stereotypes I grew up with in Nigeria came to the fore. No thanks to movies and music videos. - african americans are either gangsters/drug dealers or 'hoes'. To some extent, that is sometimes true, but not always true. (common entrance exam)

Actually got into an argument with a Nigerian American about these stereotypes and she almost bit my head off.
Nigerians here actually work a lot harder that those of us here. Most of them are great people.
Its funny, I think if I work as hard as they do here, I'd be a $ millionaire already!

I thought that cold could never kill a Naija guy until I came here. Believe me, if we had the weather they have, (-3 to 3 C) half of Nigeria would die in 24hrs.
Refused to wear winter hats because I thot they made me look like a gangster, I had to get one the next day after I almost died of frostbite of the head. (If that exists)

Coming over here was great for me. Opened my eyes well, well.
In Nigeria, we care too much about what people say and we are too interdependent. An extreme. America has the other extreme. I think it has got to be balanced to some a large extent.

But, I will come back to Naija a different person.
Life is too precious and short to live my life the way other people expect me to.
Its between me and God.
I plan to enjoy it.
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