Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nigeria & America comparatively

Is it just me?
I seem to get the feeling that America and Nigeria are becoming more and more similar.....

I know hurricane "Ikechukwu" struck, nevertheless, some parts of Texas was visited by "NEPA" or "PHCN" for over a week. Over 2.2 million people were affected!
A whole week without power!
How were they coping?
Did they have candles, torchlights, rechargeable lamps, inverters?
I hear generator sales was off the Richter scale during this period.

Another one.
Some parts of Atlanta are having issues with buying fuel for their cars.
Dry fuel pumps!
In yankee?!
Some people there are waiting for one hour to get their fuel tanks filled!

Add to this, the current American financial crisis:
The biggest bank failure in American history - Washington Mutual amongst others
Failure of two big mortgage institutions - Fannie whatever and Freddie whatever.
The subprime issues - whatever that is.
The credit crunch, as banks are holding on to the funds they have. Nobody's giving loans to anyone at the moment.
The New York Stock Exchange losing over $1trillion in one day.
The crumbling housing market - 300,000 fore-closures in August. Up 27% against last year.

Truthfully, I'm not even sure Nigeria can beat this.
Oh well, I'm sure we can. In other ways.

I made a presentation at work this week and I started with "As George Bush once said, this will be a no question session". Only our ex-president, Baba Sege can say something like that.

Ahmadinejad was probably far from the truth when he suggested that the American empire was nearing an end, but I don't think he was too far off.

What am I driving at?
Nothing actually.
Just making observations....

As we mark our Independence Day celebrations today......
God bless Nigeria.


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