Wednesday, January 26, 2005

to cnn or not

I wonder what people listen to nowadays for international news.... Al Jazeera?
Not that I've ever watched it. Would'nt be bad for a change though.
Getting frustrated watching CNN.
Last year it was all about Iraq. Jeez! A cow gets sprayed by bullets and its gets prime time on CNN.
Could almost breath a sigh of relief when the Tsunami struck. (My heart is out there with them) Simply becos Iraq suddenly became no news.
Seems they are getting tired of flogging the tsunami issue though. Gradually returning to Iraq. Sigh. Power of the western press.

I'm tired of wondering why all the news about Africa is bad news.....

I deviate again.

My boss has just chewed me for failing to turn in the post implementation brief as scheduled. I feel I should break his neck, but then again, I will be in his position shortly and will have learned how not to chew on someone else.

6.30pm. OK. Traffic may have eased up a bit now. Let's try to go home. Hope I make it home under an hour,
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